Bulk Up

Bulking, in my opinion, is the best part of Bodybuilding because you get to eat a lot, and who doesn’t like eating? But  Bulking isn’t just eating whatever you want, There is a lot to consider when your in the Bulking faze. You need to play by the rules if you want to gain some serious mass.


If you’re serious about putting on size, you have to be serious about getting a continuous supply of nutrients into your body. If you don’t get hungry every two hours, keep a constant vigil on your wristwatch. Two hours after you finish eating, it’s time to eat again. You must never go into a catabolic state, in which your body begins to feed off your muscles for their protein content. it may seem impossible to get that many meals down, but with plastic containers and a cooler it’s fairly simply. Just cook all your food at the same time, pack it up and carry the cooler with you all day.

Take in plenty of high quality proteins and carbs

Don’t mistake bulking up for an excuse to eat all kinds of junk. tt fine if you have a treat every day or two, but the majority of your food should be high-quality proteins like poultry, fish, eggs and lean red meat; complex carbohydrates like potatoes, yams, rice and oatmeal; and fibrous carbs, which are raw vegetables. A good rule of thumb is to make your meals about one-third protein and two-third carbs, and be sure that your total protein for the day comes out to approximately 1 1/2 grams for each pound of bodyweight, including protein from supplements, such as weight gainers and amino acids.

Eat lean red meat at least once a day

Even back in the old days the strength-building benefits of red meat were well known. It’s packed with protein, iron and creatine, a strength and energy-enhancing substance that is the latest rage in bodybuilding supplements.

When you hit the gym, make it intense. Done with your set, take a breath, add few more pounds to your barbell & go for your next set. That does not mean you don’t take rest between sets. You do but not more than 50-60 seconds between sets, the key word is to stay focus. Distractions are your enemies, boycott them. Distractions can be texting or chit-chatting between your sets. Avoid them. The way to do is always keep in mind: work hard or go home.

Use the basic exercises

Very little of the world’s muscle was built with cable crossovers, concentration curl or leg extensions. These so-called shaping movements should only be used by trainees who are refining existing mass. If you want to put on inhuman size, go with the heavy basic barbell exercises. Movements like the squat, bench press, deadlift, barbell row and military press will pack insane amounts of muscle on anyone who has the guts and the discipline to stick with them and work up to very heavy poundages.

Stick to a low volume of training

Thanks to Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer, the Heavy Duty concept from the early ’80s is making a tremendous comeback, Rather than performing eight exercises and 40 sets per bodypart, these men advocate just two or three exercises per bodypart with only one or, at most, two sets. With this low volume you’ll be able to use heavier weights and pour on the intensity rather than saving your strength, so to speak, for more sets. Select the absolutely heaviest weights you can use to get out four to six reps on upper-body exercises and six to 10 reps on leg movements, a time- proven strategy for building maximum size in the shortest time.

Train with a partner

While you don’t need to train with a partner, it’s highly recommended. Not only can partners spot you and help you get forced reps, but the rivalry between training partners can make for better gains than you can imagine. Some days you can’t get motivated, and that’s when your training partner can get you back on track and fire up.






Get plenty of sleep

With the pressure of work, school and family problems life is stressful enough. Add the stress of heavy training, and it’s very easy to burn out physically and mentally. To combat this, you need to sleep as much as possible. eight hours per day is the minimum, and nine or 10 would be even better. If your schedule is free on the weekends, take advantage of it and load up on sleep. It’s an absolutely essential element to putting on muscle, so avoid going out or staying up late at all cost-unless you have the next morning to sleep in.

Never train more frequently than two days in a row

If you want to continue progressing and avoid overtraining, you need to recover from your workouts. Working out three days or more in a row will make this nearly impossible. You just can’t beat up your body like that and expect it to grow new muscle tissue. For maximum recovery never train more than two days in a row. Take a full day of rest after this, and for even better recovery take two days off after every second or third two-day run. You’ll be hilly rested and ready to go every time you hit the gym.

Eliminate aerobics and other sports

Aerobic exercise and sports like tennis and racquetball might be great for your heart and fun to play, but they sap precious energy and recovery reserves that you need to build muscle. If you want to get huge, drop them. If you’re concerned about the health of your heart, do moderate aerobic exercise two to three times a week, but don’t do it so hard that your legs burn or you’re out of breath. When that happens, you’re burning glycogen, not bodyfat. You may lose size in your legs as a result, and who wants that?

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